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The eXcessive and a Little eXtra podcast is for the Gen-X woman! We talk with Gen-X women who are living their dreams and other women who have information that will help listeners live lives that are fuller and more complete. Host Karyn Beach eXplores and entertains through conversations with eXceptional women. You want to talk about it? We will. Want to have fun while doing it? We'll do that too!

If it concerns you, if you've been wondering about it, if it inspires or motivates, if it informs, you'll find it on this podcast.

Dec 22, 2020

2020 has definitelyl been a year for the record books! We're actually social distancing for the holidays! Can you believe that! As we end a year that will forever be known for quarantining, mask-wearing and toilet-paper hoarding, we thought it would be a good idea to harken back to a simpler time. This is our...

Dec 15, 2020

Millie Martinez has been living in  Bangkok for the past eight years. The Brooklyn native would love to come back home, but her ex has their daughter’s passport and refuses to give it back. Karyn, Jean and Millie have a frank talk about marriage, divorce, loving a narcissist and how the country of residence (and even...

Dec 8, 2020

Laura McCaskill wears many hats: author, blogger, YouTuber, and animal rescuer. She uses her talents specifically to help those that don’t have a voice. Among those are people who are the victims of bullying. While we hear about bullying in school, it is a phenomenon that goes beyond the classroom Bullying is found in...

Dec 1, 2020

Shirley Vernick is the author of young adult novels. The road to writing for her was a crooked one indeed. She also talks about the whirlwind six-year journey that took her from the single, never-married daughter of two living parents to widowed wife of two young kids who had lost both parents.  And then there is ice...

Nov 24, 2020

In this completely unique holiday season, Karyn and Jean are trying to have some sort of Thanksgiving! So, we are replaying one of our favorite episodes. Jean and Karyn swap Thanksgiving tales and traditions. Then, they share some Thanksgiving trivia.

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