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Feb 28, 2017

More than Sadness

Living with Clinical Depression


At the age of 44, after a suicide attempt, I was diagnosed with clinical depression. Looking back at my life, I had been suffering for quite a while. Since then, I have managed my depression with antidepressants and therapy. Still, right now, I’m in a depressive episode.

Sure, everyone has been down, lonely or ‘depressed’ but clinical depression goes beyond just a mood. You feel it physically. You struggle with it mentally and you deal with it emotionally. It is like a massive wave that overcomes you.

In this episode, I talk about how clinical depression affects me (everyone’s experiences it differently). Fellow depression sufferers should be able to relate, but people who don’t suffer from it or who know people who do, might gain some insight.

Finally, I end the episode with a few things that people can do to support those who suffer from this illness.


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