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With the Fun! Feisty! Fabulous! podcast you'll laugh a lot and learn a little something in the process. Hosts Karyn Beach and Jean Day explore and entertain with a host of amazing guests. You want to talk about it, then we will and we'll do it while having fun, getting a little feisty and living our fabulous!

If it concerns you, if you've been wondering about it, if it inspires or motivates, if it informs, you'll find it on this podcast.

And we will have fun. You'll laugh. You'll relate. You'll have a blast!

Jun 11, 2019

Healing and physical health can be affecting by improving your emotional health. Jenny Mannion, author of A Short Path to Change, suffered from seven years of chronic pain. Doctors offered to manage the pain but didn’t attempt to heal it. So, she took matters into her own hands. Armed with tools like gratitude, forgiveness, and positivity, she got to work. And, her efforts worked! She wasn’t just managing pain, she was eliminating it … without prescriptions or surgery.


Book: A Short Path to Change: 30 Ways to Transform Your Life