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Jul 25, 2017

Look around your house. Take a good look. Nice sized kitchen, roomy bedroom, spacious closet, comfortable bedroom. Now imagine paring all of that down to fit into a 90 square foot space. All of your clothes, knick knacks, books, collectibles, etc. into 90 square feet.

How large is 90 feet. Think of the average non-master bedroom. It’s roughly 9 x 12 feet which is 108 square feet. Imagine that is all the space you have. Felice Cohen grew up in and had her own spacious digs but she decided to downsize and ended up in a 90 foot space with 77 boxes in storage. After several years, she was still in her small space and had zero boxes in storage.

It is possible. Even if you have no desire to live a minimalist lifestyle, you can live with less clutter and a little more organization … it’s easier than you think.


Book90 Lessons for Living Large in 90 Square Feet



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