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The Fun. Feisty. Fabulous! podcast

Fun. Feisty. Fabulous is the podcast for people in their 40s and 50s who know that life doesn't end at 40 but that it begins again. This time it is about you - your passions, your desires, your way. If it concerns you, if you've been wondering about it, if it inspires or motivates, if it informs, you'll find it on this podcast.

And we will have fun. You'll laugh. You'll related. You will enjoy it!

Jan 24, 2017

You’ve heard it. You’re supposed to “have an attitude of gratitude.” But what does that really mean? Sure, it is easy to be grateful when things are generally going well or when you’ve had a good day. But, aren’t you supposed to have that grateful attitude when things are going well? The question becomes how do you do it? Not vague platitudes but how do you actually, step-by-step, apply gratitude when it isn’t easy or intuitive.

Jean Day is a contributing writer in the book, Live in Gratitude Daily: The Key to Love, Joy and Abundance, uses the powerful combination of daily devotionals and journaling to assist the reader in developing the habit of gratitude and taking the action to apply it to their daily lives.

A psychology professor and practicing Buddhist, Jean is familiar with practices and habits that can improve your life from the inside out. Join us as we look for the practical inside of the esoteric concept of gratitude.

Book: Live with Gratitude Daily: A Key to Love, Joy and Abundance


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Awesome interview!!!