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Fun. Feisty. Fabulous is the podcast for people in their 40s and 50s who know that life doesn't end at 40 but that it begins again. This time it is about you - your passions, your desires, your way. If it concerns you, if you've been wondering about it, if it inspires or motivates, if it informs, you'll find it on this podcast.

And we will have fun. You'll laugh. You'll related. You will enjoy it!

Jul 10, 2018

Money isn’t everything, of course it isn’t. However, having money can alleviate a lot of stress and make a lot of the things you’d like to have and do possible. James Goi Jr. is the Attract Money Guru and the author of How to Attract Money Using Mind Power. But it goes beyond cash and coins. The same techniques that can attract money can help you in every other area of your life as well. James writes books that ‘awaken, uplift and empower’.



Book: How to Attract Money Using Mind Power