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Fun. Feisty. Fabulous! is the podcast for vital and vibrant 40+ women like you. 40 isn’t the new 30. 40 and every year beyond stands on its own and deserves to be celebrated! Every week, hosts Karyn Beach and Jean Day, will have a little fun, interview a feisty or fabulous woman, and share information to improve your health, wealth, or just move you closer to your dreams. Listen in. You’ll laugh. You’ll relate. You will walk away feeling both entertained and informed.
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The Fun. Feisty. Fabulous! podcast is designed specifically for women over 40. If you need more laughs and levity, you've come to the right place. If you want to celebrate coming into your own, you've come to the right place. If you are confident and proud and you don't apologize to anyone for who you are, you've come to the right place.

Each show, we have a little fun, have a conversation with someone who exemplifies feistiness or an expert or coach who can help you live more fabulously. 

Kick back, relax and listen in!

Dec 27, 2016
Taming the Past

It’s the last episode of 2016, and the first episode with the new, shorter, more targeted focus.

Since it is the end of the year, let’s look at a more empowering way of looking at the past. We all have ups and downs – and the downs usually seem more vivid and more detailed than the positive (which we often tend to gloss over. Experts say that we see the negative more vividly because of one word: emotion. The negative tends to stand out because there is more emotion, and intense emotion, attached to it.

So, what does one do to reign in the negative? The event has already happened so we can’t change the event or the consequences associated with it, but we can change the way we look back at it. Instead of reliving the event mentally, we can search the event for the lessons the event can teach us. What can we do to prevent this mistake from happening again? What did it show us about ourselves? How did it make us stronger, wiser or better?

By focusing on lessons to learn, we can take bit of the sting out of the memory. We end up more empowered than demoralized.

Next week, in the new year, I’ll share my antidote to New Year’s Resolutions.


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Dec 20, 2016
From Tragedy to Triumph

Fun, feisty and fabulous means different things to everyone. So what does it mean for you.

What do you do for fun? When is the last time you’ve laughed or had a good time? If you can’t remember, you aren’t having enough fun. One thing I do for fun is make up silly songs about my dog. Listen to All about that Jake here: .

Twana Lawler is a fighter, a survivor, a warrior.  In other words, she defines feisty. A teenage mother who faced domestic abuse, had to fight for custody of her daughters, raised them on her own and found herself HIV+ after a decade of celibacy. But like any warrior she fought her battles … and she won. Now, she’s an author, a playwright, a public speaker

Book: My Life: From Tragedy to Destiny

For Fabulous, I discuss how I had to let go of my rigid and unattainable (for me) definition of fabulous. It wasn’t until I embraced my quirks and idiosyncrasies that I realized that my fabulous is my own fabulousness. So celebrate what makes you you? Find it. Own it. Revel in it!


Oh and if you want to hear Jake's song and see our video: 

Dec 13, 2016
Lady, Woman ... a Bit of Both

I’m getting feisty with author/coach Timogi T. Jackson who says, in her latest book, I’m a Lady and a Woman. While all of us females are both, each of us tends to have either a Lady essence or a Woman essence that dominates. Timogi describes and celebrates each essence. While each one is different neither one is better or stronger or more useful than the other. I have a Lady essence but I know how and when to use my Woman essence. Which one are you? Listen in and find out.

You can find Timogi’s books (and even t-shirts) at her site:

For fun, we’ll look at the trend towards automation and how with every technological step forward, we tend to take a step back in intelligence. Remember when we had to know how to spell instead of relying on spellcheck. Remember life before GPS?  Remember when we used to remember phone numbers? If smartphones are making us dumber, what will happen when we get smart cars and smart refrigerators?

Let’s feel fabulous by indulging in a little ME time. It’s great if you have an afternoon, an evening, a day or a whole weekend, but you can indulge in some me time with just a half hour. Doing something just for you isn’t selfish. It isn’t self-centered. It isn’t egotistical. It is necessary, needed and essential to our wellbeing.


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Dec 6, 2016
Stop Dieting and Start Living!

Like a lot of women, Ellie Savoy got on and off the diet merry-go-round. After a while, she got tired of yo-yoing and decided to make some real changes … lasting changes with lasting weight loss and real lifestyle changes. In Stop Dieting, Start Living, she shows readers how they can do the same. On this episode, she shares the five steps she recommends to make healthy and enduring changes that can make a real difference. Over 40? Ellie says you don’t have to be resigned to a weight you aren’t happy with.  


Book: Stop Dieting, Start Living


Twitter: @DietFreeHealth

For Fun, I ask the question, “What happened to TV theme songs?” You barely if ever hear them anymore. And, what a shame that is because a good theme song often outlived the show. For this segment, I picked five theme songs off the top of my head. This list could have easily topped 25, because there were just so many and they were that good. I talk about these songs. You can go to YouTube to see the actual intros to the show.

Head on over to the Facebook page, and share your favorite theme song!

No is often hard to say. We don’t want to disappoint or let someone down. We also don’t want that nagging feeling of obligation. So, all too many times, we agree to things we don’t really want to do. The result is stress, overwhelm and overextension. Yet, you can say ‘No” with style, grace and not a lot of drama. You can Just say No or you can say No, but … or, finally, you can say No and give a reason. The No you use depends of the satiation and the relationship you have with the requestor. No can help you defend your time, set realistic boundaries and some times even save your sanity!


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